Date of Photo: 4/27/2015 Courtesy of WI Longhorns and Leather


Queen Tuttess

Top CaliberJewel Of The Nile
Date of Birth: 4/11/2007
Description: White with Red Spots. Lots of total horn. Sire 88 in. TTT. Tabasco on dam's side. OCV 81TZW4426
Breeder:Brett or Darcy Delapp - - WY
Notes: Exposed to WI Gunpowder until 10-16-2016. Black and white bull,Saddle Rope, from 10-23-2016. Calf DOB 3-29-2016 sired by WI Gunpowder. TTT 70.25 on 4/23/16
Private Herd Number:734
Registration Number 1:CI253536
Registration Number 2:252159
For Sale:No
Pedigree ProgenyMeasurement History